Art By Veronica

Hello Friend. Thank you for visiting my website! I consider myself an artist by day, author by night.

If your happy camper travels have led you here, you get it. If you’ve never heard of Camp John Marc, it is a wonderful, inspiring camp serving children with chronic medical and physical challenges and their families. It is the “happy” in happy camper, and brings light to dark times.

I was most fortunate to discover Camp John Marc as a sibling camper in 1995. My sister was diagnosed with leukemia, and we went as campers to Camp Sanguinity, which serves children with cancer or blood disorders and their siblings. She died in 1997 at the age of 15.

When I was old enough, I started volunteering at Cook Children’s Medical Center, where she received treatment. I wanted to bring some joy to patients and families that were in similar circumstances. Then I went back to Camp John Marc to volunteer at Camp Sanguinity, and have continued ever since. This led to volunteering at weekend camps and Camp MDA, which serves children and teens with muscular dystrophy.

Camp John Marc is home away from home, as those who’ve experienced it understand. It’s where our hearts belong.

I have been most privileged over the years to paint at Camp John Marc and Cook Children’s Medical Center. I am so grateful for the opportunity to express the joy that camp brings to us all, and bring a little painted light to the world.