Bearilla’s House of Grub

Bearilla’s House of Grub is a mobile food vendor with dreams of getting a food truck. We create comfort foods with a creative twist. We have many special entrees that are each named with a story behind it. Please book us for catering events!

The Story of Bearilla’s House of Grub

Bearilla’s House of Grub is a story all about how two lives were flipped and turned upside down. It is a culmination of research, creativity, love and passion for cooking and family. It is the story of Nicholas and Melanie Jackson.

Nick’s Backstory

Nick grew up in West Helena Arkansas, in a large family of cousins, aunts and uncles. He is the youngest of his siblings and is also the youngest boy out of all his cousins. Nick grew up in a family of strong women who shared a passion for cooking and family. It was there that he, too, developed a passion for cooking. His late uncle, Earl Williams, previously owned a restaurant in Arkansas, but due to his health, he was unable to continue running the restaurant. When his uncle passed away, Nick, who also dreamt of owning a restaurant, vowed to continue his legacy and start one of his own.

Mel’s Backstory

Melanie was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, around a small family that also loved to cook, sing and have family gatherings. Her mother, aunts and grandmother all honed the culinary skills to make everyone look forward to family dinners. She began learning to cook from her mother when she was 8 years old. As an adult, Melanie has developed a passion for trying out new recipes. Although she enjoys many cooking styles, her strongest points are in slow cooking, baking casseroles, cakes, and other desserts. She also dreamt of having her own catering business someday.

What is “Bearilla?”

For every unique name, there is a unique story. Nick prefers to go by his nickname, Bear. He is known for being the realest and truest friend you’ll ever meet. “There’s no one ‘rilla than Bearilla!” Since both him and Melanie love to cook, any friend who has ever visited their home and stays for dinner knows that this is THE House of Grub.

So, what’s next?

Nick and Melanie are working towards buying their own food trailer very soon, so that they may travel and share their love of cooking with everyone. Until then, you can follow along on their journey through Facebook and Instagram. Here, they will keep everyone up to date on upcoming events and celebrate milestones together. The rest is to be determined.

Thanks for reading!!