Cheeza Pleeza

CHEEZA PLEEZA are a unique family of chunky cheese spreads that come in a herd of flavors: Savory, Pimento, Spicy and Sweet.  Cheeza Pleeza spreads that are unique blends of cheeses and spices that deliver 24/7 Gourmet Flavor to any snack, lunch, dinner, breakfast or party food.

Get a Flavor Upgrade

Cheeza Pleeza flavors are terrific with chips, fantastic as a sandwich, and perfect for a keto friendly desk lunch. But even better, anyone can give a meal a “Flavor Upgrade” with a scoop of a Cheeza Pleeza chunky cheese spread.  Cheeza Pleeza is ideal for food pairing.  The rich flavors are versatile enough to be used on eggs for breakfast, avocados for lunch, after-school snack with veggies, topping for baked potatoes, or top any meat for a do-it-yourself gourmet for guests.