Covid-19 Precautions


Dear Valued Keller Farmers’ Market Vendors and Shoppers,

City of Keller and Tarrant County have officially mandated that Farmers’ Markets are an ‘essential service’ and can remain open/or open as scheduled to the public. KFM feels obligated to serve our communities with access to food during the critical and unprecedented issues we are facing with COVID-19. To help keep our public safe we delayed our opening day until Saturday, June 6th.

Specifically, Farmers’ Markets are cited here:

Section 6.2.ii

Stores that sell Groceries and Certain Other Essential Supplies. Grocery
stores, supermarkets, big-box stores, farmers’ markets, food banks,
convenience stores, liquor stores and other establishments engaged in the retail sale of canned food, dry goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, pet supplies, fresh meats, fish, and poultry, and any other household consumer products (such as cleaning and personal care products). This includes stores that sell groceries and also sell other non-grocery products, and products necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences.

The continuation of the farmers market’s ability to supply fresh, local food to the Keller community relies on both our vendors and our shoppers following a critical new set of health and safety guidelines that are outlined below.


Due to the need for increased social distancing and strict safety measures, we have canceled POP Club, chef demonstrations, and musicians at this time to avoid gatherings – we will bring these programs back when we feel the time is right. 


We will be posting a new interactive map that shows what vendors are at the market and their booth number to help shoppers plan their trip to the market accordingly. We will post the map no later than Friday before the Saturday’s market. Please consider prepaying and pre-ordering your market items from vendors who take advanced orders.  You can find a list of vendors participating in preorders here: KFM2GO.

Please read below to understand our shopper guidelines and the steps our vendors are taking to decrease the spread of COVID-19 in our local community. If we act safely together, it is less likely that the market will be shut down in the future.  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our Executive Director, Sheri Almond, at


We encourage everyone who is healthy and feels safe to visit Keller Farmers Market in order to procure healthy, local food from area farmers, ranchers and small businesses. But we ask that you follow these strict guidelines:

  • There will be only one defined entrance at our market. Customers are ONLY allowed to enter KFM market by going across the wooden bridge. You will enter here and exit out the end of the street and going across that bridge. No one will be allowed to enter from the back at this time.  While we are an open market with multiple entrances we please ask that you enter and exit as stated above to help KFM Staff monitor the flow of customers into and out of the market. There will be hand sanitizer at every booth and there is a public restroom where you can wash your hands before and after you attend the market.
    • Our experience is that the beginning of market is always the busiest time. We encourage customers to try coming at a later time or be aware of the crowd before you enter the market to avoid overcrowding.
    • Additionally, if you have Pre-Ordered/Prepaid items at our market, we also encourage you to come later to pick up your products to avoid overcrowding.
    • We ask that customers do NOT linger at the market. Please shop for your goods and then leave the premises as soon as possible.
    • Sanitize your hands upon arrival at the market and frequently as you move throughout the space. We will have hand sanitizer at the information booth and all vendors are required to display hand sanitizer at their booth.
    • While we cannot require we are highly suggesting that you wear a mask while at the market to protect yourself and others.
  • We are instituting space between each vendor booth. These are not walkways, but distancing measures. DO NOT CONGREGATE HERE.
  • Maintain at least an arm’s length distance between other shoppers and vendors, especially while you are waiting in line.
  • Do NOT greet anyone at the market with hugs or handshakes.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • No hand-to-hand contact will be allowed between vendors and shoppers. Point to the product that you would like, allow the vendor to bag it and set it down on the table before you pick it up.
  • Anyone who is feeling unwell in any way should stay home.
  • Any shopper who is at a higher risk, including individuals who are over 65 and/or with underlying health conditions, should stay home.
  • SENIOR CITIZENS – Please feel free to contact Sheri Almond at 817-707-8904 if you are wanting to make a purchase from the market. She will be happy to help you with what you need.


We are putting these measures in place as outlined by the City of Keller and Tarrant County Public Health Department. KFM and our vendors must follow these guidelines, and the additional guidelines below, to ensure a safe market for all stakeholders, and so that we can remain a viable market outlet for all our valued vendors as we move through and navigate this pandemic:

The following rules are requirements for all vendors:

  • No samples of any kind allowed.
  • All vendors must wear a mask and gloves.
  • All Health and Food Handling certificates must be up to date and be prepared to show them to a Health Inspector.
  • Hand Sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol content) at every booth, provided by the vendor, for customers and employees. Vendors who do not have hand sanitizer available, will be required to breakdown and vacate market.
  • All booths will be spaced apart to maximize space and minimize clustering from each other, and layouts will reflect this. Our markets will have some layout irregularities as a result. Some vendors will have to move from their typical spots. We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we work through this.
  • Vendors and Customers are not allowed to occupy the spaces between booths.
  • All vendors must wash/sanitize hands at least once per hour.
  • Vendors will bag items for customers, then put the bag down, let customer pick up bag; same with payment; minimize hand to hand contact.
  • Anyone who is feeling unwell should stay home.
  • Any vendor who is at higher risk, including individuals over 65 and/or with underlying health conditions, should stay home.




Right now is a very difficult time for our community. Our farmers’ market team is working incredibly hard to feed our community safely and support the farmers, ranchers and small businesses that sell at our market. But we need your help to stay afloat! 

We are a 501c(3) nonprofit and not like a traditional grocery store where when sales go up, so do profits. Our vendors pay a flat weekly booth fee and we do not profit off of the sales that our vendors make. We want to continue to feed our community with fresh, sustainable food but we can’t continue to do it without you!

Please help us keep KFM up and running by donating today!

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