The Birth of DFW Aquaponics Farms, LLC

The Burleson Farm was born in 2016 with a plan for an urban Aquaponics demonstration greenhouse that could be used to grow lettuce and other produce for income and also as part of an educational curriculum. In early 2017, DFW Aquaponics Farms, LLC, was formed; a larger 20X120 production greenhouse was built, with the  capability of producing thousands of heads of lettuce and a rotating list of other crops on a regular basis. The dream became a reality.

In operation officially now for a little over a year, DFW Aquaponics Farms, LLC is currently spearheaded by David Cohen, who overseas general operations and marketing development as well as an ongoing educational program. Loretta Messinger, a lifelong gardener and master composter with expertise in corporate management, coordinates crop development, data collection and volunteer/work programs.

In April 2017, The Farm began selling lettuce and select other produce at the Grand Prairie Farmers Market; later in the season, production was ample to expand to Good Local Market-Tyler Street in Oak Cliff, Mansfield Farmers Market and Cowtown Farmers Market in Fort Worth. Although many area markets are seasonal, the Cowtown market is open year-round, every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, at 3821 Southwest Blvd.

The Farm operated by DFW Aquaponics Farms, LLC is a unique urban agricultural venture, still committed to building a community of people interested in good food, healthy eating, backyard gardening, small-scale production farms, and integrated systems to encourage sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Other outlets for the fresh produce from The Farm include local grocery stores, and a Wednesday lunch delivery service for workers and residents of the Burleson area: It is known as SALADAY and features a hearty, healthy, naturally-grown salad each week.

The bottom line is that there is nothing as good — and good for you — as fresh, locally-grown produce and other healthy food.

To build on that message, a number of new classes and programs are planned for 2018. There is also a monthly “Gathering” at The Farm in Burleson, open to anyone who would like to see the operating systems, feed the fish, sample some fresh lettuce, or learn about Aquaponics. Plans also include expanding opportunities for children and young people.

We hope you’ll join us in this growing adventure! Get hooked on ‘Ponics!