El Mofo Loco!

Chef Ralph grew up watching his mom and dad serve up great food, strong drinks, and treating everyone who dined with them like an old friend. El Mofo Loco is the culmination of a lifetime of fun, good food, hard work, and the hospitality of Chef Ralph’s childhood home in Puerto Rico.

After 20+ years as a professional chef making great food for other people throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, Chef Ralph and his wife, Betzy, decided to take a leap of faith and place a big bet on their dream of bringing their beloved Puerto Rican comfort food to their new found home in Texas. Chef Ralph combines his love of the classic Puerto Rican dish, mofongo, with his love for all the phenomenal cuisine in Texas, to create a new fusion dining experience we hope you will enjoy.

Chef Ralph is passionate about the food he serves and the people he serves it too. We are committed to supporting local businesses, utilizing the freshest, highest quality food, and serving as good stewards of our earth. We buy locally sourced ingredients when possible. We serve our food in easily compostable tableware and power our lights and coolers with solar energy. When you dive into the mofongo you will taste passion for food, love of people, and care for our earth.

We hope you delight in the relaxed island life when you dine at El Mofo Loco.