Ferocious Beard Company

Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company! My name is Nate Powell. In 2017, my wife Barb and I launched FerociousBeard.com, an all natural beard product company, right here in Fort Worth, Texas. We’re an artisan beard company, meaning that we love to CREATE unique and extraordinary scent blends.

We strongly believe in providing extraordinary customer service and will always treat our customers with loyalty and gratitude.

At Ferocious Beard Company our mission is to help men realize their full potential by providing excellent natural products that promote clean skin leading to excellent beard growth. Much more than just for looks, growing and maintaining a properly groomed beard can change your outlook on life which can lead to new opportunities you never knew existed.

Our products are designed to help you look and feel your best. We’ll also support and encourage your dreams and aspirations. Every man has a story. What’s yours?

You’ve got this, brother. We’re right here for you.