Lieber Honey

The German word Liebe means “dear” or “beloved.” Our bees, our customers, and the beekeeper’s daughter (who had allergies which prompted him to keep bees in the first place) are all beloved to us, as is the honey – that golden sweet nectar of happiness.

Lieber Honey is always raw and unprocessed without heat or other methods that damage the enzymes and health benefits of the honey. If you buy a bottle of Lieber Honey you know you are getting the best. It’s local, raw and delivered to you with love.

The color and flavor profile of honey is affected by two primary factors: the blooms the bees forage and changes in weather that alter what’s blooming.

We cannot control what the bees forage on once they are out flying around. But we can put them in locations that provide a nice array of blooming plants that are known to produce good tasting honey.

That is why Lieber honey not labeled as being just one kind of flower or plant. It is always the most delicious blend of local blooms that we can reasonably put our bees in front of. This also ensures that our honey has a nice blend of various pollens for those of you who are interested in honey to help with allergies.

So please keep in mind, that while the color of our honey might shift as nature shifts, it will always be the best, most delicious honey that nature, and we, can provide for you.