Miss Gina Cooks

Miss Gina has been cooking and planning events since… forever! Over 20 years ago, she began planning parties for friends and catering large events. Now Miss Gina is helping you make time for your friends and family. With her Bold Tomato Bruschetta, Snappy Olive Tapenade and Zesty Avocado Salsa, you can have instant appetizers and cooking sauces! These toppers are all natural, they contain the BEST ingredients and none of the junk. San Marzano tomatoes, Greek olives and Himalayan Pink Salt are mixed with love in Ft. Worth, Texas for delicious, easy use. 8 oz. and 16 oz. jars are now available as well as 32 oz. catering bags. The jars have a year shelf life until opened and Bruschetta and Salsa should be eaten withing 2 weeks of opening-but if you don’t use it that fast they freeze just fine. The Tapenade can outlast a Texas summer! Reach out and let’s talk!