One Two Three Salsa

We are Made in Texas 100%. GO TEXAN!

We are made in Texas 100%.  Add one pack of our mix to a can of petite diced tomatoes for the best salsa you ever had.  Super Easy, no cooking, fresh salsa every time.

Our ingredients are purchased by local Texas businesses and our Salsa Mixes and Dips are all natural, no preservatives…Enjoy!

You may have run into us at Farmers Markets, Craft Fairs and Trade Shows across DFW and the State of Texas.  We are so glad you stopped by.

Three years ago we created our best selling “Original Jalapeno Salsa Mix”.  Since that time we have kept improving our recipes and increased our Salsa Mix line to five delicious varieties to include Jalapeno, Chipotle, Salsa Verde, Habanero and Carolina Reaper.  We  recently have also created  some awesome sour cream dips and seasoning blends for you to try.

Thank you so much for supporting our mom and pop business.