Random Sh*t Vegan

With a growing love, passion and curiosity for vegan food, a business that we now call “Random Sh*t Vegan” has evolved. My husband’s favorite question is and always will be , “What’s for dinner”? One night I answered with, “Random Sht”! Shortly thereafter, a life creating vegan food, became a business. Now instead of cooking for my own family, I also cook for yours! I hope you enjoy the random creations that I hope to offer for years to come!

Since we began this rewarding journey, the question we get the most is, “Are you vegan as well?” The answer is, YES! Not only do we preach it but we practice it daily. The second biggest question we get is, “How did you transition into veganism?” I have a husband who stumbled across a documentary, which I’m certain you’re aware of, called “What the Health”. This documentary CHANGED OUR LIVES 3+ years ago! My husband stepped over first and I followed 24 hours later, I’ve never regretted the transition and will NEVER revert back. We noticed that our energy levels slowly increased, chronic inflammation disappeared, the numbers on the scale began to drop and the list goes on!

If you’re thinking that I jumped right into cooking all these phenomenal vegan meals… well, you’re wrong! This lady had to learn to cook ALL OVER AGAIN! It was rough in the beginning but after about 6 months, I began to feel comfortable in the kitchen once again. It took discipline and lots of research but finally the pieces began falling into place. If we can do it, anyone can!