Sweet Licks Brownies

Hi, my name is Shekita and welcome to Sweet Licks Brownies. Sweet treats have always been my weakness rather it be cookies, cakes, pies, and of course brownies. I grew up watching cooking shows. I always thought of how cool it could be to one day have my own bakery. While looking at Pinterest, I got the idea to start baking brownies. After putting my own twist on the classic fudge brownie and creating my own signature brownies, I began asking family, friends, and co-workers to try them. The feedback I received gave me the confidence to start Sweet Licks Brownies and I began selling them at local farmer’s markets and through social media. What once started as one fudge brownie and blondie recipe has grown into offering over fifteen different flavors. Sweet Licks Brownies is here for those who would love to sink their teeth into a chewy and flavorful brownie.

You will enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy baking them!

-xoxo Shekita