The Mosquito Detective

Mosquito Steve Products are all natural and proven to be more effective than the toxic ones.  How do we know?  Well, Steve has performed hundreds of human landing rate counts in order to perfect his products and compare them to others.  

Mosquito Steve was the first in Dallas to install mosquito misting systems. He has been developing products since 2002.  Since 2007 he has been committed to natural products.  A significant part of the field trials were devoted to developing a method for covering an entire backyard for less money than the typical misting system.  He discovered that three nozzles at a certain height, a certain amount of pressure and a certain amount of time could cover as much as 4,000 SF.   Our misting system utilizes this technology to be able to protect yards BETTER than the average system at a fraction of the cost.


Yard Spray + Misting + Spray on = 100% efficacy and we have all 3!