Welcome Home! 9301 Home was founded by two sisters, Nicole and Danielle. The sisters wanted to start a business that embodied all the warmth and love that people feel at home. In addition, they wanted to offer products that inspire and have a positive impact on the lives of others to help improve wellness. Thus, 9301 Home was founded.

Nicole is a Registered Nurse at a hospital in the North Texas community. She was drawn to the field of nursing because of her strong desire to improve the health and well-being of others. She has been commended for providing quality care and educating her patients on improving their health. Danielle is earning her Master’s Degree in Social Work and Mental Health Therapy. She has always worked in fields that improved the quality of life of others. As a Licensed Social Worker, she plans to engage in activities that improve the mental health, and the well-being of her clients and the community. With the passion that both sisters have for helping and serving their communities, they wanted their brand to be an extension of their values by providing products that impact the daily lives of others.

The company name was chosen because of the shared childhood memories, happiness and love they shared growing up as siblings. 9301 is the street number of the address of the house that they grew up in. It is the place that they will always consider Home.

Everyone has their own story and feelings about what or where they consider home to be to them. We hope our products remind each person of a memory or moment they experienced in their homes. 9301 Home considers all customers as family members and want each and every member to feel like a part of the family with our products. So, on that note, Welcome Home!