Boards and Vine

Hello everyone, Skyler here! I am so excited to share my business with you all.

If you were born in the 90’s like I was you know that the two main food groups were lunchables and​ Capri suns. So now fast forward to the millennial age – you get charcuterie and wine!

Being a mom of one you know that those 90’s food groups are still very much existent with the occasional chicken nugget, but I wanted to add a twist into it for my girl who loves food just as much (or if not more) than I do, so during the pandemic we lived off of charcuterie and wine…. well sparking juice for her but here we are now – business owners!

Me and my little CEO are so very eager to share our love of boards with you all and offer so many different kinds. We can customize any board to fit any allergy or restriction you may have! We want to be on a one stop shop – add a bouquet of flowers or even make a treat board for your furry ones we do it all!