DolceHaus Bakery

My name is Katelyn Rubio and I make specialty pastries and cakes.
Here is a little information about me and how I came to find my love of baking. (I’ll try to keep it short and sweet)
I am a native Texan, born and raised.

Our journey to baking starts with a family holiday vacation to New York City! This is where I found my love of other cultures besides my own (I am a mutt, but I relate most to my German side). If you’ve ever been to NYC then you know that it is a giant melting pot of different races, religions, and FOODS. As soon as my feet hit the pavement, I knew that New York would hold a special place in my heart.
Skip forward a couple years and I meet my amazing husband Matt. Turns out; Matt is an Italian from New York. So, every summer after meeting, we would travel with his family to NY where we would eat amazing foods and sweets. What caught my eye the most was that there were bakeries on every corner that sell the most delicious sweets that you can’t find here in Texas.

As we arrived back in Texas the biggest question that came to mind was “Why don’t we have bakeries like New York does?”. That’s when I got my idea to replicate some of my favorite cookies! Thus, we have the start of DolceHaus Bakery. Dolce for my Husbands Italian heritage meaning sweet and Haus for my German Heritage meaning house. All together forming “Sweet House Bakery”.

Thanks for reading a little bit about my journey to starting DolceHaus Bakery, I can’t wait to create wonderful sweets for you.

Owner and Baker,
Katelyn Rubio