Holy Rollie Pastry Shop

heat. eat. repeat

The vision

Holy Rollie Pastry Shop started as a divine vision I had (the middle sister a.k.a. Kim) that became a reality when big sis (Nikki) and little sis (Cory) decided to help make the dream of making homemade cinnamon rolls in a variety of flavors come true.

The mission

Holy Rollie’s mission is to conveniently provide handmade pastries to those who believe cinnamon rolls aren’t just for breakfast.

Our focus on Faith, Family, and Fans (you, our dear customers) keeps us motivated to make quality treats.

The goods

We offer handmade cinnamon rolls large enough to share, but so good you want to keep it to yourself. Enjoy our traditional cinnamon flavor or try different fillings to satisfy your sweet craving.